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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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making news in america this morning, breaking right now, a plane forced to make an emergency landing. passengers injured. the images showing damage inside the plane. republican party officials are reportedly set to meet with the trump campaign amid mounting pressure to pull support for his presidential run. this as trump continues to call the president clinton the founders of isis and as clinton reportedly prepares to release her latest tax returns. unwanted guest. a man opens his garage door to find a little guy staring back at him. a ten-foot alligator. the risky removal caught on camera. and simone biles and michael phelps make olympic history as does a surprise and emotional victory for one of our female swimmers. we have all the highlights from
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a good friday morning to you. we begin with breaking news. a cross country flight forced to make an emergency landing after severe turbulence injured passengers. >> so it was a jetblue flight. it was heading from boston to sacramento and landed in south dakota instead. now, the airline says 22 passengers and 2 crew members were injured as a result. look at this. the pictures from social media showing the plane's damaged bathroom. a passenger there in a neck brace. people on board describing t terrifying experience. >> it was almost like a bang like we hit a wall and just dropped straight down. there was stuff all in the aisles. you heard people crying. >> the injured passengers and crew members were taken to the hospital. no word yet on their conditions but we, of course, will continue to update you on this breaking story. we move on though to politics and hillary clinton expected to release her latest tax returns as soon as today. turning up the pressure on
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>> that's right. trump is now acknowledging his campaign may be in trouble as he faces more opposition from republicans. and there's also word this morning that the trump camp is meeting in orlando today with party officials reportedly to mend fences. abc's maggie rulli has the latest. >> it's either going to work or i'm going to, you know, i'm going to have a very, very nice, long vacation. >> reporter: it's a rare admission from donald trump asking for help as polls continue to show hillary clinton with a strong lead. >> ohio is very close, but we need help. >> reporter: showing concern about even historically red states. >> i'm having a tremendous problem in utah. >> reporter: 9 comments come as trump doubles down on a new line of attack. >> i called president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> reporter: not walking back even when confronted by conservative talk show host hugh hewitt. >> he's not sympathetic to them. he hates them. he's trying to kill them. >> he was the founder. >> reporter: trump off course in what was supposed to be a week focused on the economy. hillary clinton gave her
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thursday and spent much of it picking apart trump's economic plan. >> a more extreme version of the failed theory of trickle down economics with his own addition of outlandish trumpian ideas that even republicans reject. >> reporter: clinton also fending off more attacks about her e-mail. >> 33,000 e-mails, no good, folks. >> reporter: but the state department is backing her up saying there was nothing inappropriate in the communication between clinton's staff and the clinton foundation when she was secretary of state. more than 70 former republican party officials signing a letter saying they want their party to stop supporting trump and instead use those resources towards congressional races. trump says he'll stop fund-raising for the gop if they pull money away from his campaign. kendis and diane. >> all right. maggie rulli live in washington for us. maggie, thank you. now, to some breaking news
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killed in a series of bombings across thailand. many of them in a tourist area. dozens of other people have been injured. authorities say the attacks may be politically motivated to undermine the military government there. they say there's no link to islamic terrorist groups. a troubling new report from syria. a medical group says at least 1,500 people have been killed by chemical weapons with more than 160 attacks during the war. doctors now saying the use of chlorine bombs is the new normal. just yesterday eight convoys finally reache of aleppo where people are without running water and were reportedly cooking leaves off trees to eat. back here at home, the death toll expected to rise after a building explosion outside washington, d.c. at least two people are known dead, but several residents of the apartment complex in silver spring are unaccounted for including young children. search operations resume this morning. dozens of people are also injured. residents had been complaining for years about poor maintenance and recently complained of a gas
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this morning a state of emergency declared in st. charles parish, louisiana, after torrential rains. officials say it's a precautionary measure with more heavy rain expected. several roads have been closed because of flash flooding. public works crews are on standby across the state. and as we look at the radar, you can see the heavy rainstorms hitting louisiana. areas around baton rouge and parts of mississippi could get seven inches of rain through the weekend. now to sports and two of the best olympic athletes solidified their ot books. last night in the pool it was michael phelps winning an event that he's owned for more than a decade. >> and then simone biles dominated the all-around competition setting a record margin of victory in gymnastics. 19-year-old simone biles is the queen of women's gymnastics. biles dominated the women's individual all-around final mastering the vault, the beam, the floor and gravity along with them to become the women's olympic champion.
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silver redeeming herself after just missing a bronze medal four years ago. the men's women stole the shot with lots of emotion and a big hug afterwards. michael phelps faced off against ryan lochte with one of sport's greatest rivalries. lochte's only individual swim but it was phelps who came away with the gold medal becoming the only to win four consecutive gold medals in the same event. lochte finished fifth. phelps swam in the butterfly semifinal placing second. in a huge surprise american simone manuel tied for a gold medal with penny oleksiak and set a new olympic record. the u.s.' ryan murphy struck gold in the 200-meter backstroke but in the women's 200-meter women's backstroke it was more disappointment for missy franklin who failed to qualify meaning her rio olympics are now over.
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olympics for the u.s. looking at all of this. looking at the simone biles victory. the margin of victory she won by was more than 198 onto 2012 combined. >> pretty impressive, indeed, but we cannot give you a sense of how big it was for the other simone, simone manuel and her victory last night. the first female american swimmer to win any medal, much less gold and, you know -- >> for an african-american. >> exactly. there's been this reputation that not a lot of african-americans are swimmers, and so this is just such a wonderful moment to see her do this. >> and the look on her face when she touches the wall and then she gets out of the water and looks up and realizes she had just tied for gold. she had no idea that was going to happen and, of course, she cried as she heard the national anthem. >> let's take a look at the medal count, united states continues to lead with 16 golds, u.s. has the overall lead with
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raising concern about the health of american children. and also a rescue mission deep inside a cave. three adventurous students lost more than a day. how they were finally found. plus, the investigation into
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this was a b detroit overnight with a fire broke out at this power plant. crews have been working through the night but say no one was injured. the 63-year-old st. clair power plant is due to be retired in a few years and officials say smoke from the plant did not pose any health risk. and over in louisiana fire broke out at this oil refinery heavily damaging part of the facility bur crews do not expect the fire to impact gas supplies or prices. the husband and son of a
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accide accidentally shot during a gun safety demonstration say they forgive the officer. mary knowlton was killed because the officer's gun was loaded when it was supposed to shoot blanks during a citizen's safety class. her husband was there but says he is not vengeful. >> people make big mistakes, and they shouldn't have to live with it the rest of their life. >> i want to judge. i want to be angry. i want to -- i want my mom back. i want one more day at least to just say good-bye. >> officer lee coel was role-playing as a criminal when knowlton was shot. he remains on administrative leave. police still aren't sure why his gun was loaded with live ammunition. macy's is feeling the pressure from e-commerce and discounters so the country's largest department chain is closing 100 of its
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macy's says some of those properties are worth more as real estate. earlier the company posted falling sales and slower traffic but numbers weren't as bad as some analyst has expected. and that news from macy's was run reason for a milestone on wall street yesterday. all three major stock indexes reached record highs thursday. that hasn't happened since 1999 when the dotcom boom was in full swing. and there is a new headache for volkswagen. researchers say hack eers can build a wireless device that will clone a vehicle's key and say 100 million vo in the last two decades can be unlocked and driven off by thieves. volkswagen confirms the flaw but says not all models are impacted. when we come back, a pilot forced to make an emergency landing after the plane's landing gear malfunctioned. and unwanted guest, a massive alligator inside a family's garage. how exactly did they get it out? ? . this... or this.
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switch to persil proclean 2 in 1. #1 rated. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. we'll bring you more as soon as new updates come in.
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hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? we have a situation. everything alright in there ? witnesses say this is where it all started, okay guys. we're comimg in now. copy that. all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon , natural is back. a homeowner in texas was greeted with an unexpected visitor when he came alligator. the man said he was shocked to find the reptile hanging out in his garage. the gator, by the way, put up quite a fight when animal control finally intervened, but it was eventually removed and released to a farm. the family says they have no idea how the gator got in, but they are thankful it wasn't hungry. >> it definitely was stubborn. look at that. >> yeah, not hungry, but angry. now for a look at this morning's driving conditions. you can expect rain and thunderstorms in the west, south and the northeast.
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delays are possible in new orleans, kansas city, chicago and detroit. and in arkansas a search for three missing college students is now over. >> a happy ending. they were found in a cave dirty and exhausted, but they weren't injured. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: relief after three arkansas state university students who disappeared in a cave are found safe. >> here's casey, and here's daisuke. >> reporter: the trio missing since wednesday night found about 10 to 15 minutes from the entrance to the cave. >> i really scared. >> finally we heard just a tiny voice off in the distance. >> reporter: 25-year-old casey sherwood, a soon-to-be senior and cub scout leader, who was reported missing by his wife along with two incoming freshmen japanese exchange students out on a spelunking expedition exploring the cavern during their summer break. >> it's a pretty brutal cave and there's a lot of dangerous spots. >> reporter: brian agee says this video shows that deep and
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blowing cave. >> the rumor of course is no one has ever found the end. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. detectives are looking into whether a british player at the wimbledon tennis tournament was poisoned. gabriella taylor fell ill with a bacterial infection and had to drop out of wimbledon's junior tournament last month. the 18-year-old spent four days in the ic. some experts doubt that she was deliberately poisoned, but her mother says the bacteria is so rare, it could not have been an accident. federal officials say they're redirecting money from other pr congress still needs to approve a $1 billion funding bill. in the meantime, health and human services is taking $81 million earmarked for medicare, medicaid and the administration for children and families. government health officials call the move a short-term solution. and marijuana may be legal in half the country, but the feds are keeping it on their list of the most dangerous drugs. a federal review has determined
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for abuse and, quote, no accepted medical use but the government will allow more research into its therapeutic effects. medical or recreational marijuana is legal now in 25 states. the heart association is raising an alarm about children's health. the organization says 91% of young people do not have healthy diets, and it found less than 1% of american children have what the group considers ideal cardiovascular health. the problems are blamed on diets high in simple carbs such as sugary drinks. and a video caught a small plane's emergency central florida making waves this morning. the 74-year-old pilot was so worried about not having any landing gear, that he texted his family to tell them he loved them. the sheriff's department sent up a helicopter to help guide him down. the plane spun out, but the pilot was not hurt. the plane also not seriously damaged landing without gear. >> amazing landing there. as you said, now we know what sully is doing. >> yep. okay, so it's a busy time for sports fans. of course, we have the olympics but we have baseball and, hallelujah, football.
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our friends now at espn. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett along with kenny mayne. we're just warning you anything could happen on this segment. >> that's a fact. football is back, people. it's just preseason but have fun with it. mark sanchez trying to be the quarterback for the broncos that peyton manning guy quit. sanchez to demaryius thomas. leonidas of rhodes making that kind of play. >> leonidas of rhodes, he was an actu >> yeah, he was good back in 152 b.c. i don't know what i'm talking about. broncos win, 22-0. saints and patriots. jimmy garoppolo is going to start the first four games. you might have heard about tom brady and deflate-gate although that whole thing ended quickly so maybe you didn't hear about it. garoppolo dumps it off to james white. going to take it down to the one-yard line. white did most of it. garoppolo able to get it to him under pressure. roman harper providing the pressure for the saints. he's back in new orleans after a
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mitchell for 24 yards. garoppolo, 11 of 18, 168 yards. patriots win, 34-22. >> final note, dave krieg, the former seahawk quarterback, his high school reunion is this weekend. >> okay. don't miss that. all right. back to you. >> all right, thanks, fellas. up next in "the pulse," an announcer at the olympics gets a little confused declaring the wrong winner. >> whoops. and as a kid we all tried to make the swing go all the way around the pole, well, watch as a dad manages to make it happen. >> best dad ever. ? is depression more than sadness? ? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ?
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starting with an announcer's pretty big mistake at the olympics. >> during the men's 200 individual medley. we know that michael phelps and ryan lochte were going head-to-head in the final there. in the home stretch, phelps was way ahead of the pack. but the announcer for the canadian broadcast company got a little confused. >> ryan lochte going to earn his 13th career medal saving the best for last, finally he's going to do it. michael phelps in this event in the games and phelps might not even make the podium. >> oops. clearly he could not see that they have different hairstyles. he confused phelps with lochte. >> the announcer elliotte friedman is owning his mistake tweeting "i'm sorry, everyone. i blew it, no excuses."
4:24 am
least he owned up to it and, wow, what a great win for lochte. >> i think phelps is over it. especially after seeing this. the score at baltimore's m&t bank stadium last night was 22 for michael phelps' 22nd medal. >> well, it was ironic, the baltimore ravens and carolina panthers were playing a preseason football game but they stopped the game, pausing in the fourth quarter to show phelps winning the 200-meter individual metly and f players watching. phelps is from baltimore and as you mentioned the ravens won by 22-19 over the panthers. >> how appropriate? a souped up swing set that is no child's play and certainly not for the faint of heart. >> a 360-degree swing and takes the rider 30 feet in the air upside down. the guy riding is the british inventor who built it in his own backyard and he is not using any safety equipment. don't try this at home.
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checking our top stories, at least two dozen people have been injured by severe turbulence on board a jetblue flight. it was heading for boston from sacramento but made an emergency landing in rapid city, south dakota. donald trump's advisers are reportedly meeting today with republican party officials after trump acknowledged his campaign may be struggling even in red state utah. this as hillary clinton reportedly prepares to release her taxes putting pressure on trump to do the same. a flood watch this morning for much of southeast louisiana. heavy rains have forced road closures in the area and officials have declared a state of emergency in st. charles parish. looking at today's weather, the monsoon rains are ending in the southwest. storms for the central plains, the great lakes and the ohio valley. scorching heat continues for the northeast and mid-atlantic states. american boxer mikaela mayer is getting ready for the fight of her life
4:28 am
>> rmayer starts her march but as abc's rachel smith tells us her battle to get to this point started long before she entered the ring. >> red corner, mikaela mayer. >> reporter: mikaela spends almost all of her time in the gym. three times a day six days a week. i'm ready. training her body and her mind. >> my boxing workouts are literally more mentally draining than they are physical. >> reporter: now as a serious olympic contender mikaela's road to rio was unlikely. when she was a teenager, she was fighting but nowhere near a boxing ring. why were you kicked out of school? >> i was actually kicked out of school for getting in a fight with one of my ex-best friends. that's kind of the coincidence. >> reporter: they says her life was starting to take a dark turn. >> when i found boxing, i switched gears, it focused me.
4:29 am
i cracked down in school. >> reporter: just last month we caught up with mikaela at the u.s. olympic training center in colorado springs where she and the other olympic hopefuls from team usa were living and training. >> you're surrounded by athletes with the same common goals so really every direction you turn is an olympic focus. it's almost like you're back in college a little bit because it's kind of dorm style living and everyone eats in the same cafeteria. but, i mean, it's >> reporter: and now after years of hard work, dedication and single-minded focus, mikaela's made it to rio and she says she's ready for the biggest fight of her life. >> it was really a brutal path to get here, and the chances of actually making it were very slim but to have such a dream, you have to really believe in yourself and believe you're the best before you're the best. >> reporter: i'm rachel smith in atlanta. >> good luck to her today. >> and that's what's making news in america this morning.
4:30 am
and breaking news. we started reports that in motorcyclist may have plunged off of the east valley freeway. but first responders found and didn't find when they got there. >> plus, just released documents in a stereo shooter case. >> and it's only matter of time before hundreds of buildings get torn down. how emergency responders are taking full it vantage before they disappear. 's the mac mac good morning everyone, 4:30 a.m. on this friday. >> it feels good that we made it to the end of the weekend, and what a weekend has been. are we going to get a break from all this rain?


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